CNG (VNG – Vehicle Natural Gas) Shut Off Valve

These valve have been designed to handle high pressure fluids such as gaseous fuels and offer the customer the ultimate in performance, resistance and efficiency under hard working conditions. In addition, the piston system allows perfect opening and shut off suited for high pressure systems.

CNG Dispensers Solenoid Valves

Connection SizesModel #Orifice Size InsFlow Factor CvMin. Diff. Pressure PsiMax. Diff. Pressure PsiBody MaterialsSeat MaterialsPriceBuyprice_hsort
Z2094RBD2T0.311.314.53750$647.30 647.3
Z2094RBD3T0.311.75514.53750$647.30 647.3
Z2094RBD4T0.311.7614.53750$713.00 $677.77 677.77