4 Way / 2 Position Solenoid Valves

To alternately apply pressure to and exhaust pressure from a valve double acting actuator. 4 way 5 port 2 position solenoid valve. Single Solenoid Spring Return, Pneumatic Return, Double Solenoid Bistable. Aluminum, Brass or Stainless Steel Body (option available), Connections from 1/4″ to 1/2″, Wide Range of Pressure from 15 to 150psi, Buna N  and Viton seats and seals. Standard or Teflon Coated for dried air.

Directional Solenoid Valves for Double Acting Actuators, Fluid Temperature up to 176F (other upon request)

Model #Orifice Size InsFlow Factor CvMin. Diff. Pressure PsiMax. Diff. Pressure PsiPriceBuyprice_hsort