3 Way / 2 Position Solenoid Valves

To alternately apply pressure to and exhaust pressure from a VALVE SPRING RETURN ACTUATOR or a single acting spring return cylinder. Normally Closed, Normally Open, or Universal. Brass or Stainless Steel Body (option available), Connections from 1/4″ to 3/4″, Wide Range of Pressure ratings, Buna N and FKM Viton seats and seals.

Directional Solenoid Valves for Spring Return Actuators

Connection SizesModel #Orifice Size InsFlow Factor CvMin. Diff. Pressure PsiMax. Diff. Pressure PsiBody MaterialsSeat MaterialsPriceBuyprice_hsort
1323BA17CT0.070.10530145$124.10$137.70 124.1
1323BA20CT0.080.1170100$124.10$137.70 124.1
1325BA3CT0.633.27.5150$712.70$726.30 712.7
1325BA4CT0.6347.5150$712.70$726.30 712.7
1325BA6CT0.634.77.5150$742.10$755.70 742.1
1365BA17CT0.070.09360225$185.50$199.10 185.5
1365BA30CT0.120.2457090$185.50$199.10 185.5