1332 Series

Free Handle Manual Reset Safety Valve

Main Characteristic

Normally Closed
Direct Action. No minimum pressure to operate
Free handle system, closes automatically when current is cut off
and opens manually when the electric signal is back on
1″ to 3″ NPT (BSP upon request)
Coil: Encapsulated up to 356F with DIN Connectors or flying leads (upon request)
Open and Closed valve visual verification



Shut off security systems that work with temperature limits, pressure sensors, lack of flame, level, etc. in boiler combustion systems.
Combustion equipment with charges over 30,000Kw/h and multiple burners.
Burners for automatic and semiautomatic furnaces.


Explosion Proof
Weather Proof
Closed Valve Verification Switch

Connection SizesResting PositionsBody MaterialsFlow Factor CvMin. Diff. Pressure PsiMax. Diff. Pressure PsiModel #PriceBuyprice_hsort
15.210451332LA08T$2,257.50$2,271.10 2257.5
25.740451332LA10T$2,322.30$2,335.90 2322.3
35.10301332LA12T$2,322.30$2,335.90 2322.3
64.350301332LA16T$2,349.00$2,362.60 2349
70.20151332LA20T$3,216.90$3,230.50 3216.9
88.920151332LA24T$3,216.90$3,230.50 3216.9
Options Prefix Suffix Examples
Weather Proof Coil YC YC1332LA12T
Explosion & Weather Proof Coil ZC ZC1332LA12T
BSP Connections no T 1332LA12T
Closed Valve Verification Switch  I 1332LA12T-I

We recommend installing a strainer of <= 100 micron upstream to the valve.

Voltage Watts Resistance (ohms) Amps Inrush Amps Holding
12V/DC 19  7.3 1.6 1.6
24V/DC 19 27 0.8 0.8
110V/DC 19 0.578 0.17 0.17
24V/AC60 13  4 1.9 1.1
120V/AC60 13  92 0.3 0.2
240V/AC60 13  0.38 0.2 0.1

Other voltages available upon request.