UC Series

2 Way Solenoid Valves – for Cryogenic Service and liquid CO2

Main Characteristic

1314, 1327 and 1390 Series Solenoid Valves are
specially modified to control cryogenic flow.
Cryogenic fluids include liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid oxygen,
and liquid CO2.
Normally Closed and Normally Open
Direct Acting. No minimum differential pressure to operate
or Pilot Operated with low min pressure to open.
Brass or Stainless Steel Body
1/8″ to 2″ NPT (BSP  upon request)
Coil: Encapsulated Class H 356F with DIN Connectors or flying leads (upon request)


Cryogenic fluids -200C to 50C (-328F to 122F)
Liquid CO2: -60C to 50C (-76F to 122F)


Explosion Proof
Weather Proof

Options Prefix Suffix Examples
Weather Proof Coil YC YC1390BBT04UCT
Explosion & Weather Proof Coil ZC ZC1390BBT04UCT
BSP Connections no T 1390BBT04UCT

1390 and 1314 ONLY install on a horizontal pipe with the coil upright.
1327 The preferred installation position is on a horizontal pipe with the coil upright, however you can install the valve in any position.
We recommend installing a strainer of <= 100 micron upstream to the valve.
The valve inlet pressure must always be greater than the outlet pressure.

Voltage Watts Resistance (ohms) Amps Inrush Amps Holding
12V/DC 19  7.3 1.6 1.6
24V/DC 19 27 0.8 0.8
110V/DC 19 0.578 0.17 0.17
24V/AC60 13  4 1.9 1.1
120V/AC60 13  92 0.3 0.2
240V/AC60 13  0.38 0.2 0.1

Other voltages available upon request.